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July 28, 2014  
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Scientists point to rain, logging, history, lack of monitoring in record mudslide that killed 43
In Australia or Hong Kong, developers and local government are required to take action, such as monitoring, to reduce the risk of landslides, says a new report by an investigative agency known as GEER. But less restrictive land use rules apply in the U.S., which may have… More
Man gets 21 years for courtroom attack on district attorney
Convicted in June of attempted first-degree murder for a courtroom attack last year on a Kansas district attorney during a sentencing hearing, a 27-year-old Hutchinson man was sentenced Monday to more than 21 years in prison. The new term will run consecutive to the more than 12-year term to which… More
Loaded gun found in purse of woman at courthouse to attend hearing over grandchildren
An Oklahoma woman was arrested Friday on a misdemeanor weapon charge after she tried to bring a loaded handgun into the Cleveland County Courthouse, authorities said. Sheriff's deputies spotted the weapon in the purse of Cynthia Bodnar, 52, as she was undergoing a standard security screening. They said the .22… More
3 partners of well-known firm injured in car crash while attending annual meeting
Three partners of a well-known Minneapolis law firm were injured in a car crash over the weekend while they were in the Brainerd lakes area attending the Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi firm's annual partner meeting. Thomas Kayser, 77; John Eisberg, 76, and Jan Conlin, 51, were sharing a ride… More
Divided 4th Circuit panel strikes Virginia same-sex marriage ban
Applying strict scrutiny, a divided three-judge federal appeals court panel ruled Monday that a district court judge in Virginia got it right earlier this year when she struck the state's ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional. In a 2-1 More
News of DNA exoneration stuns ex-inmate who didn’t request test
Ailing, wheelchair bound and living in a nursing home, Michael Phillips had long ago stopped trying to persuade others that he had been wrongfully convicted of rape. So the 57-year-old was stunned and, initially, in a state of disbelief when two police officers visited him earlier this year and told… More
Justice Ginsburg’s letter ‘made my day, if not my life,’ blogger says
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg won’t be coming to blogger Staci Zaretsky’s wedding, and she was polite enough to decline in a letter. Ginsburg and Zaretsky aren’t friends, and they aren’t distant relatives. Zaretsky blogs for Above the Law and she decided to dispatch a wedding invitation to the justice who… More
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