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August 2, 2015  
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Texas troupe puts lawyer ethics to words and music

CLE programs—especially when the topic is legal ethics—are not supposed to be this much fun.

But the show that was put on Saturday by a… More

Loretta Lynch touts sentencing-reform success; association’s first woman president accepts ABA Medal

The General Assembly of the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago on Saturday afternoon featured two women whose accomplishments have made significant history: Roberta Cooper… More

Crime rate not main reason prison population exploded: It was sentencing policy

Suppose that in 1972, in response to a rising crime rate, then-President Richard Nixon announced plans to build 1 million new prison cells, reserve 60… More

Why aren’t more women lead counsel? Litigators, judges explain the obstacles and offer solutions

If women want to be trial lawyers, the best place to have first-chair opportunities may be with federal prosecutors, according to a recent ABA… More

John Paul Stevens says he likes Chief Justice Roberts’ style

In 2014, retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens published Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution. And in a short… More

Body cams could cut police misconduct complaints

Requiring on-duty police officers to wear body cameras could drastically reduce misconduct complaints, according to speakers at a Friday ABA Annual Meeting panel, because false… More

How can tensions between minorities and police be addressed? Reforms proposed

Tension between police and racial minorities, which has been significantly exacerbated by a recent series of fatal police shootings in places like Baltimore and Ferguson,… More

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