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April 17, 2014  
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DA will drop case against teen convicted for recording his classmates bullying him
A Pennsylvania high-school student who recorded his classmates bullying him won’t have a disorderly conduct conviction on his record after all. The Allegheny County District Attorney's office said it would withdraw the citation against the student, who was convicted after school officials called police to… More
Former client is charged in 2008 murder of lawyer killed while clearing his driveway of snow
A former client serving time in prison has been charged with murder in the 2008 shooting death of an Illinois lawyer who was killed as he was clearing snow from his driveway. Richard Wanke, 52, was indicted on a charge of first-degree murder on Wednesday, report… More
Report: Secret order by military judge requires CIA to reveal ‘black site’ info in USS Cole case
A secret order filed under seal by a military judge in the USS Cole bombing case orders the Central Intelligence Agency to reveal to the defense so-called "black site" details about the overseas detention and interrogation of the defendant over a period of several years. Relying on information from unidentified… More
Buying a General Mills product eliminates the right to sue, according to online legal terms
General Mills is requiring arbitration of legal disputes in a policy that got tougher after an adverse ruling and a newspaper inquiry. In language “quietly added” language to its website, General Mills said anyone who prints a digital coupon for its products, participates in its contests, or simply joins its… More
Law firm’s revised debt-collection letter results in $49.5K settlement of federal class action
A New Jersey law firm and a co-defendant have agreed to pay, and a federal judge on Tuesday approved, a $49,500 class action settlement over the language Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller used in a collection letter. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act specifies what must be said in the so-called… More
Prosecutor won’t drop charges against mom who left her kids in the car during a job interview
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is unswayed by an online petition supporting Shanesha Taylor, an Arizona woman who was arrested when she left her toddler and baby in the car during a 45-minute job interview. Montgomery said he won’t drop felony child-abuse charges against Taylor, despite supporters who say she… More
After law prof’s viral rant, school nixes proposal to divert faculty raises to law grad fellowships
The University of Oregon Law School has no plans to implement a proposal to divert faculty raises to fellowships for unemployed law grads, an idea that irked a law professor whose angry email objections went viral. “And am I to blame for the bad economy?” law professor Rob Illig fumed… More
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