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This is a complete… More

Questioning jurisdiction, state supreme court finds Google does not have to reveal blogger’s ID

Google does not have to identify a blogger who criticized an Ohio-based software company, the Texas Supreme Court found Friday because it was not established… More

Determining driver impairment with marijuana involves imperfect science, says law enforcement

How do you determine if someone with THC in their blood was driving under the influence? It’s an imperfect science, say Oregon cannabis supporters and… More

Protesters sue city of Ferguson, St. Louis County and their police chiefs for $41.5 million

Five protesters are suing the city of Ferguson and St. Louis County, Missouri, as well as their police chiefs, based on allegations that they were… More

‘How many more riots will it take before the Supreme Court changes course?’ Chemerinsky asks

If the Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who shot Michael Brown is found to have acted improperly, it could be difficult to hold him accountable in… More

Lawyer is accused of persuading client to invest $120K in his cat litter box invention

A California lawyer has been charged with financial elder abuse, grand theft and securities fraud for allegedly persuading a client to invest in his cat… More

New NFL policy imposes 6-game suspension for domestic or sexual assault, banishment for 2nd offense

In a letter sent Thursday to all National Football League team owners, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell admits he “didn’t get it right” when Baltimore Ravens… More

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