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September 30, 2014  
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Do job personality tests discriminate? EEOC probes lawyer’s complaint, filed on behalf of his son

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is investigating a lawyer’s complaint, filed on behalf of his son, that claims well-known companies discriminate against the mentally ill… More

Wrongly labeled a porn star by DJs, former 1L is awarded $1M in suit against radio station

A former law student at the University of Kansas has been awarded $1 million in a suit against a radio station asserting its DJs wrongly… More

These 5 firms argued half of all SCOTUS cases last term

Out of the 67 U.S. Supreme Court cases decided during the term that ended in June, 33 were argued by the same five law firms,… More

Gerald Abila’s Barefoot Law helps Ugandans use a mobile device to learn about their legal rights

Uganda’s legal system is based on English common law, but criminal defendants who can’t afford legal representation—and most can’t—aren’t appointed counsel unless they face a… More

Did any Pennsylvania judges receive ‘porngate’ emails? Chief justice wants to know

Pennsylvania’s chief justice wants to know if any judges were among the state officials who exchanged sexually explicit emails on state computers uncovered in an… More

Judge says lawyer appeared unsteady and disheveled in court, orders drug test and jailing

A Georgia judge held a lawyer in contempt and ordered a drug test based on his courtroom appearance earlier this month.

Judge Adele Grubbs says… More

Seeking forgiveness for a bad work result? State the facts, and don’t offer a vague excuse

Frequent excuses for bad results at work can wear thin. But once in a while, an excuse, properly made, can help thwart career damage, researchers… More

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