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September 20, 2014  
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NYC police to revise decoy purse operation to settle lawsuit

New York City’s police department has agreed to settle a lawsuit that claimed a decoy purse operation was leading to arrests of good Samaritans who… More

Judge scolds BP for squeezing extra lines into brief

BP is on notice that a federal judge will be closely scrutinizing its briefs for excess words in litigation over the Gulf oil spill.

In… More

Cartoon poll: Which guilt-written-all-over-his-face caption fits best?

We had fewer entries for this month’s contest, but many gems in the mix of submitted captions.

The following are the three staff favorites. Now… More

Emma Greenwood helps the defense bar integrate tech—and levels the criminal justice playing field

Emma Greenwood’s background—working for tech companies and startups—came in handy when she started her own law practice in 2007.

The New York City lawyer found… More

Lawyer’s photoshopped celebrity pictures lead to suspension recommendation
Screenshot from Svitlana Sangary's website

Screenshot from Svitlana Sangary’s website.

A lawyer who apparently photoshopped… More

No prosecutor? No defense lawyer? Judge allegedly held trial anyway; 3rd Circuit allows lawsuit

A judge accused of trying two defendants without a prosecutor or defense lawyers may have shed his immunity to a civil rights suit, a federal… More

Man convicted in supermarket checkout line dispute files suit against shopper he shot and store

Convicted of assault and unlawful use of a firearm during a 2012 supermarket checkout line fight between two men who are now in their 60s,… More

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